LADA Mission


Founded in 1937, the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association provides products and services to enhance the operations of its member dealers. Originally based in New Orleans in a basement on St. Charles Street, the early organizers included Ferron Brown of Baton Rouge, Brown Fortier of Lafayette, S.J. “Jack” Rogers of Monroe, Wiley L. Mossy, Sr. and Joseph A. Paretti of New Orleans. The first president, T. L. Huber of Lake Charles, served for three years, from 1937 through 1939. Over the years, LADA continued to grow in importance and value to the automobile dealers in the state.

Well organized by the 1950’s, the association provided greater services to its members. In 1972, LADA moved to Baton Rouge to be closer to legislative activity, and in January of 1981, the association moved to its current location on Picardy Avenue.

Day-to-day operations are handled by the President and staff, with the focus and direction of the association governed by a Board of Directors comprised of nineteen (19) dealers elected from seventeen (17) districts. The Chairman, Chairman-Elect, Treasurer, and NADA State Director, along with two additional members from the Board, selected by the Chairman, serve as the Executive Committee. Board members serve two-year terms with approximately one-half elected or re-elected each year.

The objects and purposes of LADA are:

  • Promote the automotive trade in the State of Louisiana.
  • Advocate a high plane of business ethics for those engaged in the motor vehicle business in the state.
  • Endorse and promote a spirit of cooperation among motor vehicle dealers and those engaged in associated and allied trades.
  • Encourage and assist in the formation of local and regional associations and to seek to merit their cooperation and support of LADA.
  • Conduct investigations, studies, and research as may be necessary and advisable to compile factual data and to gather information, the knowledge of which may be useful and valuable to the automotive trade toward improving the efficiency of its operations.
  • Promote the enactment of such legislation as will benefit the automotive trade and the public and to oppose discriminatory legislation relating to the trade.
  • Issue publications for the benefit of the membership.