Dealer Membership

Any Louisiana franchised dealership of new cars and/or new trucks in the State of Louisiana may apply for membership in LADA. Membership dues are based on the total sales of new cars and new trucks in the preceding year. Newly franchised dealership dues are based on the estimated sales of new cars and trucks for the coming year. Contact LADA at for a membership application.

Associate Membership

Any persons, corporations or partnerships actively engaged in business related to or involved with the automotive industry may apply for Associate Memberships. Prospective Associate Members must be sponsored by a dealer member and present references from dealer members with which they do business. Associate member dues are a flat rate of $350. Please contact LADA at for a membership application.

Membership in LADA not only supports the automotive industry in Louisiana, it also provides access to a wide variety of programs and services at considerable saving and convenience:

Annual Convention

Held in June each year, the LADA Annual Convention has come to be known as the highlight of the year where members can enjoy food, fun, and fellowship, not to mention the latest industry information. Sporting activities and sightseeing tours are planned to encourage family participation.

Annual Directory & Resource Guide

This informative handbook is an essential in every dealership and place of business. It contains dealer members' and associate members' addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses and website information, as well as copies of the Louisiana Franchise Law and Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act. You will find important messages from the Governor, our President Bob Israel, LADA Legal Counsel Claude Reynaud (Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP), LADA Labor Counsel Tim Scott (Fisher & Phillips, LLP), and LADA CPA Steve Huggins (Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLP), just to name a few. Our directory is made possible through the advertising of our associate members.

Annual Fall Golf Tournament & Shrimp Feast

Debuted in Ocotber 1999 as an alternative to the Fall Business Conference, LADA opted to create an environment that would bring dealers and associate members togther to get better aquainted and to provide an opportunity to discuss business. What friendler place than a golf course! Through the generous sponsorship support of our associate members, we have some of the greatest door prizes anywhere! A delicious Shrimp Feast concludes the event. Turnout has been great. We expect it to get better year after year.

Bi-Monthly Membership Newsletter - LADA News

Published approximately twenty-four (24) times per year, LADA's newsletter, LADA News, provides members with current information on state franchise laws, federal regulations, convention and seminar topics, labor issues, and national trends. In addition, it is a source to learn about new members and changes to dealerships.

Cooperative Relationship with Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission

Established in 1954, the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission (LMVC) is charged with the licensing and regulation of motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and lessors doing business in the state. For a complete description of LMVC's responsibilities, visit The President of LADA regularly attends the LMVC monthly meeting to offer the dealer's perspective on licensing issues.

Dealer Alerts

Dealer Alerts are are sent via email broadcasts to members to provide important information on matters affecting business operations.

LADEAC -- Louisiana Automobile Dealers Election Action Committee -
State Political Action Committee

Established by the LADA Board of Directors, LADEAC is a statewide political action committee promoting LADA's legislative program on behalf of Louisiana's franchised dealers. LADEAC supports only candidates running for, or elected to, the Louisiana House of Representatives, the Louisiana Senate, and occasionally, statewide offices such as Governor, Commissioner of Insurance, and Attorney General.

Corporate/business checks are acceptable, and all LADEAC funds are spent on candidates with very few administrative fees allocated to LADEAC. Each year, along with dues renewal notices mailed in late November, LADA asks for a voluntary contribution equal to seventy-five percent of the dues amount. Over the years, LADA has been successful in passing legislation advantageous to dealers and defeating laws detrimental to the automobile business.

DEAC -- Dealers Election Action Committee - National Political Action Committee

While LADA "speaks" for the dealers of Louisiana, NADA is our voice on national legislation and regulatory matters, and also needs a strong national political action committee to further support national issues affecting franchised dealers.

Each year, LADA is proud to assist in NADA's efforts to fund the only political group that represents franchised dealers on both imported and domestic new cars and trucks. Under a federal requirement, only personal checks and charge cards are accepted for DEAC contributions. As an important element of NADA's success on Capitol Hill, DEAC provides financial assistance to the election campaigns of pro-dealer, pro-business candidates to the U.S. House and Senate.

Educational Programs

Education seminars and workshops are developed and presented to educate dealers and their employees on the crucial issues affecting the success of dealerships. Contact LADA at if you have suggesstions for possible educational topics.

Health & Hospitalization Insurance

The LADA Insurance Company (LADIT, Inc.), established in 1974, is the major medical hospitalization program designed with automobile dealers in mind. Fully insured since 1992, LADIT, Inc. administers this competitively priced program. Working for its members, LADA had designated Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana as its insurance carrier. Currently, over two hundred dealerships are enrolled covering more than 10,000 employees.

Legal Assistance

LADA is fortunate to have under retainer the law firm of Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP, a full service-firm, available for phone consultations on franchise and general business issues. Contact Claude Reynaud at for additional information.

The firm of Fisher & Phillips, LLP is available for questions regarding employment and labor issues. For additional information, please contact Tim Scott at

Legislative Representation

For each legislative session, all bills are carefully reviewed for pertinence to the Louisiana automobile business. Through extensive lobbying efforts, the interests of new car and new truck dealers are protected.

Regulatory Representation

The staff of LADA, through its various contacts, works to monitor the ever-changing status of governmental regulations. Areas include titles, taxes, leasing, insurance, and dealer licensing, just to name a few.

Safety, DEQ, & OSHA Compliance Programs

Under the direction of Environmental, Risk Management and Safety, Inc. (ERS), and in conjuction with our workers' compensation program, LADA provides consultation services to its members on a wide variety of issues dealing with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Lousiana Department of Public Safety, the Department of Labor (both state and federal), as well as other regulatory agencies.

Participants in LADA's workers' compensation program, LADA-SIF, are offered on-site saftey inspections with online employee training sessions, and are provided Compliance Manuals. One of the most important features of this program involves immediate intervention from ERS should a state or federal agency request information or arrive at a dealership for an inspection. Contact Billy Easterling by email at for additional information.

Temporary Tags (5-Day Green Tags)

As a convenience to Louisiana dealers, 5-day Temporary Tags are offered for sale at a substantial saving. Orders are usually processed and shipped within three (3) business days. Click here to order online.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

LADA's Self-Insurers' Trust Fund (LADA-SIF) is the only workers' compensation program made up of automobile dealers, run by automobile dealers, for automobile dealers. No one knows more about workers' compensation in dealerships than LADA-SIF.

Through its third party administrator, Risk Management Services, losses are controlled through outstanding claims administration and excellent loss control. In addition, several years ago, LADA contracted with Environmental, Risk Management and Safety, Inc. to develope a comprehensive safety and compliance program for its member dealers. This program has added further cost savings for the membership. Savings are returned to members through yearly dividends, which over the years have totaled over $58 million.

For information on joining the team working to keep losses down, provide a safer workplace, and reduce the cost of workers' compensation coverage, contact Jean Robért, Risk Management Services, at